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 «Anahit cakes» is a family run business, which has produces cakes since 1994.
The company is one of the leaders in cakes production in Armenia thanks to the great love, efforts and devotion of the founding director Anahit Grigoryan. It may decorates any event with its delicious and beautiful products. «Anahit cakes» cooperates with well-known pastry production companies, such as Austrian «Backaldrin», German «Braun», American «Wilton», etc.
In the company the client himself/herself decides the cake form and taste. More than 20 well-trained master- confectioners are working in the company striveing to better meet client requests.
Leading slogan of company is:Make delicious and beautiful cakes with pure, fresh raw materials and create new product by keeping old traditions.
You can buy «Anahit cakes» products in the factory, in different supermarkets of Yerevan as well as other regions of Armenia.